Gregory FisherSpirit Coach


At age 14, Gregory began singing primarily in churches across the country.  He moved to Nashville in the mid-'80s to pursue his dream to move people through music as a writer and performer. In just two years, he had landed a songwriting deal with a major publishing company, penned numerous Contemporary Christian Music hits and received a nomination as co-writer for the Gospel Music Association Song of the Year.

Today, Gregory continues to perform as an inspirational vocalist, singing many self-penned compositions alongside an unpredictable repertoire of tunes from across a diverse genre. His soaring tenor vocals and heartfelt lyrics touch audiences with moments of honesty, transparency, authenticity and vulnerability. His musical styling features a mix of classical, theatre and gospel. He seeks to “live” the song, drawing his audiences to experience fresh, stirring and intimate moments.

Gregory has an EP of songs titled Everlasting Arms.